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RSI: The Shipyard: Ship Technical Information

Ship Technical Information A Guide to the New Ship Matrix Greetings Citizens! The New Ship Matrix retains a similar format to the prior matrix with three distinct panels: Systems, Technical Overview, and Holoviewer that have been adjusted and updated to support the breadth of new data involved. In this article we’ll be discussing the expanded […]

RSI: Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Lead Writer Dave Haddock delves into the Stanton System and provides an overview of its major planets. He even shares the system’s initial concept and description from the game’s early days. Remember that you can always explore the Star Citizen Universe yourself in our web-based Ark Star Map. Erschienen auf RobertsSpaceIndustries.com (COMM-LINK).

RSI: The Shipyard: Ship Mass

Ship Mass: I’m Not Heavy I’m Just Built That Way A Guide to the New Ship Matrix Greetings Citizens! With the release of 3.0.0 we have completed a ground up pass on mass for all in-game items, from the smallest bit of personal armor up to the largest spaceship. We have always endeavored to use […]

RSI: TRACKER: Chaos in Kiel

Sponsored by WillsOp Welcome to TRACKER, the Bounty Hunter Guild’s official show on the spec. I’m your host Garet Coliga. Glad you joined us today. We’ve got lots of important stuff to cover, so let’s not beat around the bush. We’re going to start with the news everyone needs to know. Anyone currently working a […]

RSI: The Shipyard: Careers and Roles

Careers and Roles A Guide to the New Ship Matrix Greetings Citizens! With the upcoming release of the New Ship Matrix, the updated database of stats for every Star Citizen vehicle and ship, and the continuing development of Star Citizen Alpha 3.0.0 we have consolidated and re-aligned every ship in the game to better serve […]