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RSI: Around the Verse

Surface outposts are the focus of this week’s episode, as we explore all the details that go into crafting a memorable destination. Plus, hosts Sandi Gardiner and Forrest Stephan bring you another installment of “Burndown.” And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: http://ift.tt/1xGI2DP Erschienen auf RobertsSpaceIndustries.com (COMM-LINK).

RSI: Bugsmashers!

Watch Mark Abent deal with a bug that broke most ships. See how adding a few lines of code to the flight controller can make all the difference. Erschienen auf RobertsSpaceIndustries.com (COMM-LINK).

RSI: Collision Course – Part II

Radu Ghazi settled into the bunk, letting the mattress conform underneath him. He was impressed by the support. Most ship designers couldn’t care less about mattress strength. They seemed to spend all their time pouring credits and attention into the sexier aspects of the ships; the hull, the guns, the engines. The marketing points, he’d […]

RSI: This Week in Star Citizen

Greetings Citizens Gamescom is right around the corner! We have been making a lot of perparations for both the showfloor and the event at the Gloria Theater on Friday night, and we are incredibly excited to meet many of you in Cologne. Don’t worry if you are not attending in person, we have a wide […]